Our understanding of sustainability (related to packaging):

  • In the context of our efforts to realise a recycling economy, we wish to limit our focus to solely credible approaches.
  • We reject consumer deception (subject of mixed materials).
  • The unrestricted functionality is of paramount importance:
    • Perfect product protection throughout the entire service life (2-3 years).
    • Consistently high material quality.
    • Reasonable cost price.
    • Ongoing availability.
    • Support of the recycling cycle (mono material).

The central sustainability requirements are:

  • Reduce – use less material.
  • Reuse – reuse items.
  • Recycle – promote full-circle recycling.

One basic must for primary and secondary packaging is deploying MONO material, which paves the way to enter the recycling economy. We are already fulfilling this with our current product range for lip balm sticks:

  • Primary packaging: twist mechanism and cap are made of 100% PP (no mix of materials). (Bio-plastics and cardboard/cardboard packaging are ruled out due to their lack of recyclability/material resistance).
  • Secondary packaging: Blister card and display/outer box are made from 100% recycled paper (no material mix).

Carbon neutral products (product carbon footprint – PCF)

On request, we can calculate the CO2 footprint for the lip care products we manufacture for you across the entire value-adding chain – from raw materials through production to delivery. Together with our cooperation partner Climate Partner, we can offset the resulting CO2 emissions for you by supporting a recognised climate protection project – after consultation with you. We take care of the entire handling for you.

You can find detailed information about Climate Partner at www.climatepartner.com

NEW: Primary packaging made from PP-PCR –
from the yellow bin

On request, we can use the plastic PP-PCR (polypropylene from post-consumer recycling), which is obtained from the yellow bin, for the primary packaging (twist mechanism and cap) of your lip balm stick. The lip balm stick has over 76% recycled content and can be reused without restriction, thereby closing the recycling cycle aimed at.