A matter of course

Besides the training of employees, something that hardly needs mentioning nowadays, high levels of industrial hygiene and regular self-inspection, the most important factor in maintaining product safety and quality is a thorough check of the incoming goods.


Packaging and raw materials are provided by prestigious European suppliers, all of whom certify the flawless quality of their goods.

Our laboratory takes test samples for analysis from each and every delivery, checking to make sure that their condition is faultless and that they are suitable for use in every respect.


The first step is a sensory and technical identification inspection.

Amongst other things, the technical aspect of the inspection includes ascertaining the FT-IR spectrum with the aid of a semi-automatic, computer-aided evaluation.

Once the identification inspection has been carried out successfully, other tests on the raw materials follow. For example, the efficacy of UV filters delivered to us is checked by establishing the UV-Visible spectrum. One of the routine examinations is the measurement of the peroxide value, a criterion for the freshness of our oils and waxes.

Microbiological examinations are conducted for us by an independent institute.