Bulk Production

There are individual production instructions for every customer-specific recipe. As soon as the raw materials are released, they are weighed according to these instructions and processed into bulk material.

The bulk material is processed as required in one of our water-jacket heated stirring units (300 litres or 1,000 litres) or in one of our vacuum processing units (VME 120 or VME 700).

Naturally, each weighing step is documented. The temperature profile and the rotation speed of the stirring units are also recorded and attached to the production log for the bulk material.


We offer a variety of machines for filling cosmetic lip care products into shape as determined by the differing size of orders to ensure efficiency in handling all volumes. As the proven specialists for lip care products, we exclusively fill the following:

  • Lip care sticks
    The bulk material is mechanically poured into shape and inserted into the lip care stick mechanism. The customer-specific cap is then mounted fully automatically.
  • Lip care in tubes
    Lip care tubes which are pre-printed with customer-specific designs are filled with bulk material via the fully automatic tube filling machine. The corners of our tube fold are round.


We cover the whole spectrum from fully automatic packaging through to individual manual packaging for small lots.

  • Blister packing (cardboard or transparent blisters)
  • Single folding boxes
  • Displays/trays
  • Codification
  • Labels

Delivery is by forwarder. For large lots we offer bulk storage ensuring the uninterrupted provision of goods for specific purposes, as required.